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Shoutout to Greensboro Bound For Doing It Right

I am reposting this shoutout here to Greensboro Bound Literary Festival , I had to mention how much I appreciate that they added two paid artist residencies to this year's festival!

A few months ago, I had some great conversations with some of the festival's founders about how important it is for artists to be paid for their work; at the time, they told me they were working on something for the next festival that would be tackling that very subject. I was so so happy then when they announced the opportunity that included not just one, but TWO paid artist residencies. I was super stoked that they didn't require an application fee (this is really important; those fees add up for people like me who don't have a ton of disposable income), and was even more stoked when I got chosen for one of the spots!

Paying artists (and writers and dancers and musicians etc etc etc) for their work is so important! If this doesn't happen, only wealthy people get to pursue those careers, and I shouldn't have to keep explaining why that sucks for the rest of us! Also Greensboro Bound is FREE to attend! AND still paying the writers/artists/etc. for their participation. That is how it's supposed to be done: creative people should not be expected to provide entertainment for free.

Thank you so much to the organizers at Greensboro Bound for doing the good work!


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