New Illustration: Thelma Massey

I don't post all of my newest work to this section, but this illustration and upcoming street art needed some descriptive text, so. I've been living for the past 2 months in my sister's house in Glencoe, an old mill town now designated an historic district. The mill and the surrounding houses were built in the late 1800s and have a lot of history, and it's been all kinds of inspiring to be in this environment and have the space to make work and incorporate this vast history into that work. When I moved in, my sister warned me that there were some local people---not people who live in the neighborhood, rather people who DON'T live there---who had weird ideas about Glencoe, and were afraid of

October OPEN STUDIO Hours

I'm keeping OPEN STUDIO hours the same for the month of October: TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS from 10 AM to 3 PM you can stop my studio just outside of Burlington, North Carolina and see what I've been working on. My studio is located in my home in the historic mill town of Glencoe, which is about 40 minutes east of Greensboro. Message me for the address and to let me know you're coming.

Opening at Scuppernong Books Friday, October 5th: Latest Drawings from Wandering Witness

Scuppernong Books in downtown Greensboro is graciously hosting a showing of some of the latest drawings from my 4-year-long reportage project Wandering Witness, including new large-scale drawings. On Friday, October 5, the show will open at 6 pm, followed by an open mic-style reading event called First Draft where writers will share works in progress, and I’ll be live drawing as a demonstration. Both events are free, parking in downtown Greensboro is easily accessible through the nearby Greene Street parking deck as well as on-street parking and other lots in the area.

Inktober Has Begun

Last year I participated in Inktober, a social media challenge that encourages artists to do a drawing, in ink, every day for the month of October, and I’m doing it again this year! Like last year, I am forgoing the optional idea prompts in favor of letting an original narrative develop organically. I ask myself, what do I want to do in this style? And get a flood of ideas in return, and then I let that narrative play out for the month. You can follow this project here. You can see last year's project here.