I started a daily self-portrait project in 2017 ; the rules I gave myself for this project were:

       - to do a self portrait once every 24 hours

       - the portraits must be drawn from life: mirrors or a live image, like from a webcam  

       - they have to have the day's date included in the drawing

After a while, I began animating some of the daily illustrations, a particular kind of torture only animators will understand. The works from the 2017 project can be seen here.  I showed roughly half of the 2017 project at a show in Charlotte at C3 Lab.  


Upon completing that project on New Year's Eve of 2017, I decided to continue it for the year of 2018,

but because I was already bored with only illustrative methods, I added photographic methods to the mix, which I continued in 2019 as well. You can see 2018 here or here.

I just completed  2019 and you can see it here. 

Now I am continuing it in 2020 and you can see it here. 

jan 1 e.jpg