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This project contains some nudity

I started a daily self-portrait project in 2017 that consisted of drawings, animation, photography and video, and sculpture, and continued that through the end of 2022. Those archives are linked below.


Starting in 2023, I decided that since my daily project had gone on for 6 years, it was a good time for a change. The daily self-portraits have been an important part of my practice, teaching decision-making and time management, among other useful art skills. I've also discovered many new concepts to explore outside of the project through doing the work. 

I decided to start doing weekly self-portraits, so that I could spend more time on each work, but really I think it's more about giving myself a break. There is sometimes more than one image per week when I feel like it, same as with the dailies. I will be continuing the Weeklies in 2024. Links to folders below.


week 1 shrine.jpg
Coming Soon Neon Light
SwiftScan Feb 15, 2021 7.58 PM.jpg
aug 27f.jpg
jan 1 hat a.jpg
nov 22a.jpg

this archive is currently incomplete

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