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Interdisciplinary exploratory artist. Born in 1980 in Statesville, North Carolina, I grew up in a family of 5 girls, helping out with my parents' 24-hour towing company. Like my grandmother, a mill worker originally from a rural area, and so many other working-class women, I moved to the closest "big" city---Charlotte---in 1999 after graduating high scool in pursuit of work, and of making my own way in the world. In the following decade, I was homeless for around a year, met my husband, who allowed me to sleep on his floor without demanding that I pay rent, and worked in the Charlotte area for various employers full-time at long hours for very little pay. I made mostly functional art after coming home from 10-hour work days mentally and physically exhausted. I struggled financially, only kept afloat by the fact that I had a partner: I barely made enough money to cover my bills, and rarely went out because I was always broke and exhausted from work. Like many working-class people, I did not consider a career as a professional artist because it was so inaccessible to me: I literally did not think it was a possiblity, in any way. I did whatever work I could in assisting with labor organizing: talking incessantly to coworkers about our rights, attempting to bolster workers to unionize, and whistleblowing in defense of workers' rights. After losing my administrative job suddenly in 2012, I returned to school in a crisis and completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Media from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in December of 2016. I currently live and work in Winston-Salem, NC, out of my home studio, where I continue my own personal practice as well as freelance work. I have health problems that I have to contend with that make it very difficult to leave the house and render me useless for large stretches of time. Previous to being an artist, I worked retail and administrative jobs from the time I was a kid. You can see my professional CV here and my resume here as well as this video I made Every Job I've Ever Had!


I was mostly known for my live drawing, but I work in a variety of mediums*. They include the following: means

  • sculpture: ceramic, plastics, digital fabrication (3D printing, laser cutting), stone, wood, metal*
  • photography
  • moving media
  • illustration & animation
  • graphic design
  • public artworks
  • performance
methods observing, noticing, researching, obsessing, recording, processing, embedding, evaluating, making, adapting, compiling themes multiplicity, originality in variation, documentation, humor, queerness, whimsy, horror, science & technology, gender & androgyny, possibility, flux, labor, history, feminism *I haven't been able to continue my sculpture work because I don't have money or a space large enough; if you can help with this, please contact me