New Animated Illustration

Sketching from life informs a lot of my other work, and I've been trying to take my simple black-and-white compositions into something larger with color. This is a simple animated illustration I made the other day called UpDate

Reserved Harlot Showing Next Month at Apple Pie CLT

I made a large ink and watercolor drawing that is composed from figures I've collected throughout my reportage practice, and it got accepted to be shown in Apple Pie, happening next month at Goodyear Arts. Every person (and one statue) in this drawing is someone I sketched from life, in the Charlotte area, in the past two years. Reserved Harlot, 20" x 30", ink and watercolor on paper

Protest Posters FREE For Download

I made some free, downloadable poster designs for use in actions against the deportation of innocent, hard-working people. You can download them here. Some designs have a PDF version available, which can be opened in Acrobat and printed as a large poster across several 8.5x11 sheets of paper on a regular printer. You can also save the remaining designs that are JPEGs and convert them to PDF yourself and print those the same way. Designs come with and without text, so you can add your own.