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LIVE DRAWING (Urban Sketching)

My live drawing project ran from 2014-2020. I was forced to stop the project due to a combination of declining health and harassment from neighbors.

The project contains over 8,000 documentary drawings done from life (sometimes known as urban sketching), made on scene, using ink, watercolor, and markers on paper, that depict real people living and working in North Carolina. Over the course of this project I applied for countless grants, mostly in the Charlotte area where I lived until 2018, and never received any interest or funding at all in support.  

I am in the process of scanning and sorting these drawings to make a digital archive. It is taking forever. The archive will be available here when it is finished (linked below), I will link to what is available in the meantime as I upload them.The old linear archives are instagram accounts, which can be found here and here (links also over to the right).

I would like to publish books of these drawings, in themed volumes; please contact me if you have any assistance in this endeavor. 

I began a new project last year doing live drawings from live webcams, those are called Drawings From Home

NC Triad Area Instagram Archive

wandering witness me logo.jpg

Drawings From Home


Charlotte Area Instagram Archive

SwiftScan Jan 8, 2021 1.55 PM.jpg
2020-04-27 boudoir.jpeg
Scanbot Jan 2, 2020 12.31 PM.jpg
Scanbot Feb 4, 2020 3.32 PM.jpg
Scanbot Mar 6, 2020 11.03 AM.jpg
Scanbot Apr 22, 2020 3.44 PM - 1.jpg
Scanbot May 4, 2020 5.52 PM.jpg


ScanPro Jun 19, 2020 8.53 PM.jpg



ScanPro Jul 27, 2020 9.56 PM.jpg
ScanPro Aug 5, 2020 1.53 PM.jpg



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