My live drawing project ran from 2014-2020. 

It contains over 8,000 documentary drawings done from life, made on scene, using ink, watercolor, and markers on paper, that depict real people living and working in North Carolina. 

I am in the process of scanning and sorting these drawings to make a digital archive. It is taking forever. The archive will be available here when it is finished; I will link to what is available in the meantime as I upload them. 

I would like to publish books of these drawings, in themed volumes; please contact me if you have any assistance in this endeavor. 

8-04-2018 Bon Odori Festival CLT woman in kimono with bag.jpeg


7-20-2019 Glencoe Great bend park mom and girl fishing.jpeg
6-19-2019 Mark fishing at Great Bend Park Haw River Glencoe.jpeg