New Name for Reportage Project

Just a heads up that I have changed the name of my reportage project for hopefully the last time! The first name was The Real Charlotte Observer ,and I changed that initially because we're moving from Charlotte and thought it best not to pick something with a specific geographical connotation, and after a lot of deliberation and waffling, I chose The Southern Flâneuse as the new name. I knew it would be difficult for people, introducing a foreign word with a slightly funny spelling. I made lots of printed material and spent the last month or so cheerily explaining to people the meaning and concept of the flâneuse, and handing out cards that clearly and simply explained how to go online to se

Added New Items to Online Store: Original Figure Drawings

I've added a new section to my Online Store: Original Figure Drawings, as well as some other items, so check that out if you're interested. You can see the stuff I post from my figure drawing sessions at this tag, and not all the drawings have been listed for sale, so if you see something you'd like to buy that's not currently in the store, please let me know!

I Need Places to Shoot!

Do you have or know of a pretty, abandoned location? Do you have a private yard and wouldn’t mind me getting naked to shoot photos for a few hours? I have been doing a whole body of figurative photography for a while and most of my staple locations have been overrun by photographers and I can’t get in to shoot, much less shoot naked, which is more dangerous and tricky. I would like to continue doing the kind of work you see in the projects With Francesca's Ghost, The Ballad of Stormy Marmalade, etc. Let me know if you have something that fits the bill! I’m in the north Charlotte/ Huntersville area and will be in Burlington soon.

New Way to Buy Reportage Drawings Added

On my other site for my reportage project, I have an online store now with two options for buying drawings from the project: you can buy a re-drawn original (nicer than the first one) or a printed copy for half the price. Check it out if you want to buy stuff (there's also a link through the Buy Stuff section on this site too)

Patreon Updated with a New Tier: Monthly Drawing

I've had a Patreon for a while, but I have yet to find a good way to successfully monetize what I'm doing through that; I used to upload zipped files of high-res JPEGs of all the drawings from my reportage sketch practice, and for $1 a month, patrons could download and print the drawings themselves. After 6 months of doing this, I realized I was spending hours processing and organizing and uploading the files, with no one downloading them, despite having a few people regularly donating the $1 per month. I'm still open to suggestions to how best to utilize this particular service to bring in money regularly; because I have so little resources/space to work, it's difficult for me to provide th

New Services Listed: License an Existing Drawing, Graphic Design

I have a couple new services listed: you can now License an Existing Drawing to use for your own promotional purposes! This is a great option for musicians, artists, or public personalities that I've drawn during the course of my reportage project to use the unique image I've created on their own material. There's also a new option in my Online Store: Grab Bag Show Poster. This is an affordable, custom designed show poster for a multi-band show or tour announcement.

Moving Sale Coming Up

I'm moving from Charlotte very soon, and in the next couple weeks I'll be having a sale at our house in north Charlotte (close to Huntersville) where they'll be a lot of old junk and housewares stuff but I'm also likely getting rid of a lot of old work, for cheap. Stay tuned for a date