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New Name for Reportage Project

Just a heads up that I have changed the name of my reportage project for hopefully the last time! The first name was The Real Charlotte Observer ,and I changed that initially because we're moving from Charlotte and thought it best not to pick something with a specific geographical connotation, and after a lot of deliberation and waffling, I chose The Southern Flâneuse as the new name. I knew it would be difficult for people, introducing a foreign word with a slightly funny spelling. I made lots of printed material and spent the last month or so cheerily explaining to people the meaning and concept of the flâneuse, and handing out cards that clearly and simply explained how to go online to see the drawings.

However! I underestimated how lazy/dumb people are. The word flâneuse is apparently so confusing to people that it literally stops people from going to my social media, even when I give them free printed material that has the name clearly spelled on it. As much as I love the name and the concept of the flâneuse, it needs to be as easy as possible for people to find the project and see the drawings. I had this initial dilemma when I was agonizing over the last name change: do I pick something unique that people have never seen before (and are unfamiliar with forever, apparently) or do I pick a well-trodden concept that has very likely been used by many other people and businesses, probably for similar purposes?

The name of the project is now Wandering Witness. You can find the website for that project here and you can see the drawings on instagram, Twitter, and tumblr.

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