In August 2018, we moved from Charlotte to be closer to my husband's work; while we searched for a home to buy, we lived temporarily in the former mill village of Glencoe, NC, in a beautiful house built in the late 1890s to house the supervisor of the mill. While at this residence, I was able to have a small studio space for the first time since I graduated from UNCCharlotte in 2016. I considered this temporary living arrangement to be a residency of sorts, in that I was constantly inspired by the history and environment of my surroundings; though I was not formally sponsored or part of an official residency, I treated it like a residency, and created several themed bodies of work, including photos that drew on the history of the "mill girls" who worked and lived in the village, photos and video documentation of the beautiful orb weavers that blanketed the house, and live illustrations of families enjoying natural space in the park. I created the tag #glencoemillresidency on instagram to organize the work that I did while at this residence into one space. There are also illustrations from that project that are available to view here.

I have since moved to a permanent residence in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, just outside the historic neighborhood of Washington Park, on the Southside. I am keeping with the residency mindset, in that I am extremely connected to the community I live in, and expect much of the work I do here to be inspired by and reflect that. 

Work that I do going forward will be considered part of the Southside Artist Residency and organized under this tag. This is in no way an official/sponsored residency, just a personal practice. I continue my daily self portrait project which is linked above and below, as well as Wandering Witness which has a whole separate site. 

Current Projects:

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