New Downloadable Design for TDOV

I have a couple new poster designs available for download so I'm making some past ones available too, and you can find them here. Saturday is Transgender Day of Visibility and there are 2 new designs that can be printed for posters, shirts, cards, whatever you like. I made animations of these logo-like designs as well. You can also find the design for the living wage campaign that I made in that same location as well as posters against immigration bans and deportation. If you like you can buy both of these designs on a variety of items at my society6 shop but please note that is NOT free. At the first link up above you can download a printable JPEG to make your own signs/posters/etc.

New Political Poster Available FREE For Download

I have a new poster design, Good Enough To Be Your Neighbor, and I am making this poster available free for download for anyone to print and distribute wherever possible. I'm trying to encourage people to think about a living wage campaign, what affordable housing really means, and why working-class people should be able to live in the communities where they work. If you'd like to download this poster, please navigate here to my Patreon and download the attached JPEG.

Ongoing Project: Documentary Photos in 35mm

I've been shooting black-and-white 35mm film again and developing it at home, scanning it very crudely myself and you can keep up with the ones I post here, which are small in number compared to the vast amounts of film I have that never sees the light of day.

Self Portrait Project Week Ending March 10, 2018

I post my self portrait project every day on instagram and Tumblr, but it sometimes gets censored on instagram, triggering all sorts of irritating things, so I'm changing up how I post this project. They will still post every day on my tumblr under this tag but I'll also post them here in a roundup at the end of each week. Here's the first batch from the week ending March 10, 2018; click to see animated where directed

BONK Now Available In My Society6 Shop

This print that I designed for Women's History Month for the book BONK by Mary Roach is now available in my Society6 shop as a print or on a variety of items

Women's History Month Posters for CPCC Harper Library

I had the opportunity to design posters for the Central Piedmont Community College Harper Campus Library for Women's History Month. These posters reference The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood. They are on view at the Harper Library throughout March. You can also buy versions of these without the text at my society6 shop.

Book Poster: BONK

I have been designing for fictional book covers for great books by influential women writers, and the next one is BONK by Mary Roach!