New Interview Podcast: 2 Elephants in the Room

I have an interview on the newest episode of the podcast 2 Elephants in the Room, you can check it out here! You can also check them out on instagram at 2 Elephants in the Room "Most creatives discover and develop their craft out of a need to heal or express themselves. In this week's episode of 2 Elephants In The Room, Alicia and Erin talk with Hannah Barnhardt, a local artist, about her art projects and how she uses her work to manage her bipolar disorder. Please check out her work on Instagram under the handle @therealcharlotteobserver."

Episode Art for Mystery Meat

I did the episode art for this installment of Mystery Meat, a sound collage podcast based here in Charlotte. I utilized a collage approach for this project since Mystery Meat uses a similar technique for their work! Go check them out and give it a listen!

Completed Project: Daily Self Portraits 2017

With the end to the year, I completed a project I had been plugging away on since January, a daily self-portrait project. For this series, I gave myself the task of doing one self-portrait a day, from life (using a mirror or a live image, like a webcam) in illustrated form. Eventually I began animating some of these illustrations digitally. I'll be updating my website with a way to view this project soon, but for now you can see them by hashtag here on instagram. I'm continuing this project for 2018, but adding photographic work to the mix. You can keep up with this project here.