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"If you have the chutzpah to ask an artist to work for exposure (see also: "free"; "experience"; "no pay but we'll feed you a dry chicken breast and some green beans out of a can that have been sprinkled with almonds to make them look fancy"), be prepared to be answered with scorn, ridicule, and possibly a few obscene gestures. Asking artists to work for nothing but the nebulous promise of  "exposure" may be a time-honored tradition, but it's one whose time has come and gone, especially in this economy when it's harder and harder for artists to provide that which everyone seems to want and no one wants to pay for. If we artists had a real paycheck for every time we've been asked to work for "exposure", we might be able to afford a few luxuries in life, like paying off our student loans, buying health insurance, or paying the heating bill."

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