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I offer the following professional services in exchange for a negotiable rate OR adequate studio space:


  • I can teach demos, workshops, or private lessons on a variety of artistic and general skills (see below) and have experience doing this (see CV)

  • I have over a decade of administrative experience and can work in that capacity in a variety of ways

  • I can assist a professional artist in their studio; I have a wide range of skills and am very useful despite my health issues (more about those in my FAQ here). Please contact me for a comprehensive list, but also you can look at my extensive work history and get an idea of the knowledge/skill set I have. 

I can do short and extended demonstrations and workshops of the following skills:

- Photoshop basics: photo editing

- Photoshop basics: animation

- Photoshop basics: original illustration

- Adobe Premiere basics: video editing

- Adobe AfterEffects basics: basic special effects

- Mold-making: flexible, hard, multiple materials, basic techniques and getting started

- Object-making using urethane plastic

- Laser cutting basics: design and printing

- 3D printing introduction 

- 3D modeling introduction 

- GIF making in Photoshop

- Urban sketching/live art introduction and basics

- Figure drawing introduction

- Drawing introduction and basics

- Sculpture introduction and basics 

- Professional picture framing: mat cutting, frame construction, canvas stretching, shadowbox construction

- No-math banner painting for activist interventions

- Basic prop-making for photo and theater work

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