New Project: Drawings From Home

I am still bitterly heartbroken about not being able to draw from my own windows anymore, but I have to keep drawing because it's something that's an important part of who I am. I draw myself almost every day, I draw my husband, my cats, as well as lots and lots of other illustrations encompassing a range of subjects. I still love observational, direct-from-life drawing the most, and that's what kept me doing this project for years even when it was difficult.

After my window views were cut off, and I could no longer continue my live drawing project, I started looking for webcams to draw from so that I can continue a practice where the live drawing experience is still somewhat preserved, if not the local community connection that I had before. I've been doing it just to keep up the practice, so I don't get rusty, but I finally decided to share them on a blog. If you are interested you can keep up with it there. None of the locations are local, just what I can find on webcams that show people in enough to detail to draw.

Hopefully by this time next year, we will have moved, and who knows what my drawing practice will look like then.

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