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If you follow me on instagram, you may have noticed that I stopped posting my work about a month ago. I have long despised the way that social media disseminates creative work without compensating creators. I've only participated in sharing my work on social media under duress, because I have been led to believe, like many creative people, that more opportunities will come my way by giving away my work freely online. I finally realized a few years ago that it is much more likely that other people with more privilege and resources will steal and monetize mine and other artists' concepts and images. It is long past time that real creators stop making "content." I don't make "content" and I don't encourage other people to mindlessly scroll through instagram, so I am not interested in piecing out my work so that it becomes "content" online.

When the rude and loud auto business moved in next door, robbing me of the right to my own private environment in my own home and cutting me off from how I was able to interact with the community, it was the last straw. I am not going to make entertainment for people to scroll through while putting up with a terrible, stressful living situation.

Obviously, social media makes it easy to organize and share work, and I don't have the money or resources to replicate that ease of user experience. I post my work on my website, using Google folders and other digital tools, but I know it is not as easy to navigate as social media (people need to get used to this).

I'll be posting my current projects on the Recluse Residency Page. There are a few projects I am currently working on: Oracle Still Lifes; Portraits of the Artist's Husband; Inktober I and Inktober II.

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