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Can Only Rich Kids Afford to Work in the Art World?

"Naiomy Guerrero, 26, goes to at least a dozen art events a month; more during the art world’s busy fall season. She’s worked for several high-profile arts nonprofits, artist studios, and galleries, and began her master’s degree in art history.

But around two years ago, she left her job in the art world. Guerrero hasn’t lost her passion for the arts, and still blogs about art at But as the daughter of two immigrant parents, she chose financial stability. She now works as a financial aid counselor, earning over 50% more than she did at her most recent arts-related job.

“I grew up poor, and I never want to be poor again,” she says, even if “that means not working in the art world because there isn’t a stable enough position.”

Unlike some of her peers, Guerrero wasn’t able to fall back on a crucial resource: help from Mom and Dad."

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