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Spotlighting Past Projects: VIVISECTION

In 2015, while I was pursuing my BFA at UNCCharlotte, I received a grant from the D-Arts Center to create a digitally fabricated project. I created a card game called Vivisection.

Vivisection is a card game consisting of 4” x 6” cards, and prototypes included laser-cut cards for stacking that interact with a lighting fixture. This game is loosely related to the concept of middle-school slumber party games like Truth or Dare. Meant to be played by two people, in a private setting, the game is played by each person in turn drawing a card and answering the question on the card­­­. The point of this game is to provide a vehicle for two people to quickly become intimate with one another. In my interactions with people, I stumbled across a fascinating phenomenon. I am a candid, open person who readily divulges all kinds of gory details about myself and my life. I find often that in revealing intimate details about myself, other people sometimes feel compelled to also share intimate details about themselves. Journalists use this technique with interview subjects in order to quickly get the information they need, and refer to it as accelerated intimacy.

laser cut house of cards with LED light inside

This project utilized digital technology in both design and fabrication: the illustrations are created by hand and then developed digitally, and portions of the cards are cut with the laser cutter.

Sets of cards with a box NOT WITH THE LASER CUT CARDS PICTURED (sorry, there was only one of those prototypes made and now I don't have access to a laser cutter anymore) are not currently available for purchase because all the sets I have are packed away in storage while we live in a temporary house and move; however they will be available in early 2019 for $25 a set. Please contact me if you're interested in owning one of these limited edition sets.

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