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Glencoe Mill Residency

I am temporarily living in a beautiful historic mill village in Glencoe, North Carolina while we relocate to a permanent home. While I'm here, I am pursuing several projects (business as usual!) that are specific to this place, making work around new concepts gleaned from research in the community as well as utilizing resources in the area to build on existing projects in new ways. I have titled this project the Glencoe Mill Residency, and it encompasses photography, illustration, and performance, and you can keep up with this ongoing project for now at the hashtag #glencoemillresidency

I've turned the dining room and parts of the upstarts bedroom of this 2-story1880s superintendent's cottage into my studio space, and have also been pursuing my reportage project, Wandering Witness, in the surrounding areas, including Greensboro and Raleigh, which you can keep up with here.

I will be holding Open Studio hours regularly two days a week coming next week, so stay tuned for an announcement on specific hours and days, and as always, you can message me to schedule a studio visit. The studio is located in Burlington, North Carolina.

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