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So long as no morons wade into your hashtags and destroy them unwittingly, instagram has been great for organizing my many projects.

There's several photo projects: #hannahbarnhardtphotos for all; #withfrancescasghost and #manifestgesture have some overlap; #inpursuitofvivianmaier for reflections of me

#hannahbarnhardtillustration for my 2D work ( #thejourneyofthetramp and #romance2k17byhb are specific illustrated projects within that tag as well); I am doing a drawn self-portrait every day this year at #friendlyselfportraitsketches2017

I have two performance-based projects: #friendlyperformance and #yourdigitalgirlfriend and a video/performance project currently underway #projectioninception

AND you can view vides of me working in the studio #inthestudiowithhannahbarnhardt

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