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License an Existing Drawing

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Have you been drawn by me during the course of my 4-year-long reportage project in the Charlotte area, and you'd like to use the image for your own personal or promotional use? With this option, you can license an image I've created for this project, and you'll receive high-res digital files so that you can reproduce it for posters or other promotional merchandise! This is a great deal for musicians/artists/public personalities who are looking for unique logo-type representational artwork to promote your brand.

You get:

- a high-res JPEG of the original drawing with full rights to reproduce with artist credit

- a vector file of the black and white, outline-only version to reproduce and edit with artist credit

When you make your order, please indicate the drawing you would like to reference by either including a screenshot of it, or by providing the following information:

- date of drawing

- location

- artist/subject of drawing

Be sure to check out the original archive(s) for this project as well as the new archive to see if you've been drawn!

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